Vintage Filter Mug

Nothing’s quite as timeless as a good, strong cup o’ joe. Now you can prepare to face the day the PMJ way! With these stylish mugs, and their throwback style you can warn co-workers, spouses, roommates or parents to give yousome time to properly caffeinate. You already see the world through a vintage filter – now you can enjoy your java that way too.

These mugs wouldn’t feel out of place on the counter of an all-night diner, perfect for 
sipping while staring at the neon-lit pie case and waiting for your grease-soaked burger and fries. The design is rendered in classic letterpress style, down to the notched and faded letters revealing the wear and tear of a few too many passes through the press. After all, who wants to face down perfection before their first cup of coffee?

11oz capacity. Ceramic.