Jazz Me Outside, Pt. 1


The songs this time out are an eclectic grab bag, ranging from a '60-style orchestral pop cover of a '90s grunge classic ("Smells Like Teen Spirit") to a '40s swing rendition of a paranoid '80s MTV hit ("Who Can It Be Now") to Mario Jose and India Carney subbing for Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé on "Perfect Duet" - and upping the stakes with a guest shot by sax star Dave Koz! There's also our eerie cinematic read of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy," a soulful Italian redo of Andrea Bocelli's "The Prayer," and - finally - our take on Europe’s immortal "The Final Countdown" for anyone who's wanted a more throwback style for their Segway-mounted magic shows! (There's got to be some "Arrested Development" fans out there, right? Right?)

All that and a bunch more surprises - with a second batch coming hot on its heels! How Bow Dah?


  1. Perfect Duet (feat. Mario Jose, India Carney & Dave Koz)
  2. Who Can It Be Now (feat. Sara Niemietz)
  3. Crazy (feat. Hannah Gill & Casey Abrams)
  4. That's What I Like (feat. LaVance Colley)
  5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (feat. Alisan Porter)
  6. Straight Up (feat. Sara Niemietz, Olivia Kuper Harris & Vonzell Solomon)
  7. Tomorrow (feat. Shoshana Bean)
  8. New Rules (feat. Robyn Adele Anderson) 
  9. The Prayer (feat. Stefano Langone & Pia Toscano)
  10. Alone (feat. Niia)
  11. Gimmie Chocolate (feat. Tara Louise)
  12. Don't Stop (feat. Maiya Sykes)
  13. The Final Countdown (feat. Gunhild Carling)
  14. Last Friday Night (feat. Olivia Kuper Harris)
  15. My Hero (feat. Chloe Feoranzo)

All Songs Produced and Arranged by Scott Bradlee
Track 6 - Arranged by Scott Bradlee & Jesse Elder
Engineered by Matt "Rook" Telford
Recorded at PMJ Manor

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