Historical Misappropriation [Download]


  1. Rude (feat. Von Smith)
  2. Womanizer (feat. Cristina Gatti)
  3. Wiggle (feat. Robyn Adele Anderson)
  4. Maps (feat. Morgan James)
  5. Stay With Me (feat. Cristina Gatti)
  6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (feat. Robyn Adele Anderson)
  7. Really Don't Care (feat. Morgan James)
  8. No Diggity (feat. Ariana Savalas)
  9. Creep (feat. Karen Marie)
  10. Summer (feat. Robyn Adele Anderson)
  11. All About That Bass (feat. Kate Davis)
  12. Waterfalls (feat. Ashley Stroud)
  13. Livin' On A Prayer (feat. Miche Braden)
  14. Problem (feat. Robyn Adele Anderson)
  15. Break Free (feat. Morgan James)


The third Postmodern Jukebox album contains the debuts of now-familiar Postmodern Jukebox superstars Morgan James, Von Smith, and Ariana Savalas. James' vocal on the Donny Hathaway-esque remake of Maroon 5's "Maps" is a vocal masterclass that set the gold standard for PMJ vocals, Smith's otherworldly vocal range is put to great use on the '50s inspired "Rude", and Savalas' "No Diggity" adds the swagger '40s nightclub to the '90s hit. The album's highlight, however, is the tastefully sublime performance of "All About That Bass" by vocalist / upright bassist Kate Davis. Bradlee's arrangement allows her unique talent to take center stage, and she truly delivers.


Must-Have Tracks: "All About That Bass", "Rude", and Karen Marie's soulful version of Radiohead's "Creep" - the first version of the song recorded by PMJ.

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