The New Classics [Download]


Wish you could relive your PMJ concert experience every night? Haven't had the chance to catch PMJ live yet? (Really, what are you waiting for?!?) Now you can finally enjoy Postmodern Jukebox live in the privacy of your own home while you look forward to the next time the genuine article rolls into town. The New Classics is PMJ's first live album, the companion piece to a PBS special taped live in Las Vegas.

The "anything can, and will, happen" vibe that fans have come to expect from a PMJ show is fully captured on The New Classics, which features lively performances of a wide range of reimagined hits in the party-like atmosphere that characterizes the band's shows. These include everything from the grunge rock of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" to the feud-fueling pop of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," from Cyndi Lauper's classic ‘80s ballad "Time After Time" to the disco anthem "I Will Survive" - all given their own time-warping twist.


  1. Meet the Flinstones
  2. All About That Bass ft. Casey Abrams, Dani Armstrong, Maiya Sykes & Ariana Savalas
  3. Ariana Savalas Intro
  4. Bad Blood ft. Aubrey Logan
  5. Time After Time ft. Sara Niemietz
  6. My Heart Will Go On ft. LaVance Colley & Aubrey Logan
  7. Singing In The Rain (Interlude Music)
  8. Umbrella ft. Casey Abrams & The Sole Sisters
  9. Halo ft. LaVance Colley
  10. Bye, Bye, Bye ft. Aubrey Logan, Ariana Savalas & Sara Niemietz
  11. Don't Stop ft. Maiya Sykes
  12. I Will Survive ft. Sara Niemietz
  13. Black Hole Sun ft. Haley Reinhart
  14. Stacy's Mom ft. Casey Abrams, Ariana Savalas, Dani Armstrong & Cast
  15. Outro

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