Fake Blues


  1. What Is Love (feat. Casey Abrams)
  2. Sledgehammer (feat. Noah Guthrie)
  3. Feel Good Inc. (feat. Thia Megia)
  4. All The Small Things (feat. Puddles Pity Party)
  5. Side To Side (feat. Deandre Brackensick)
  6. Don’t Look Back In Anger (feat. Maiya Sykes)
  7. Poker Face (feat. Kelley Jackle)
  8. I Want You To Want Me (feat. Sara Niemietz)
  9. Thong Song (feat. Ariana Savalas)
  10. Spiderwebs (feat. Belle Jewel)
  11. Sunday Morning (feat. Addie Hamilton)
  12. …Baby One More Time (feat. Ada Pasternak)
  13. Nothing Else Matters (feat. Caroline Baran)
  14. ‘Harry Potter’ Jazz Variations (feat. Mike Cottone, Adam Kubota & Scott Bradlee)

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