Outside The Jukebox Soundtrack

Outside the Jukebox won't drop until June 12, but we've got you covered in the meantime! For everyone who purchases a copy of the book before the release date, here's where to download of the soundtrack album as a special free gift! It's a song-by-song summary of the history of PMJ, so you'll be able to take a musical stroll down memory lane while you wait for the book to arrive.

The ten-track compilation features some of the key musical moments from Postmodern Jukebox history as recalled in Scott's memoir! There's "Hello My Ragtime '80s", Scott's solo debut and the first step on the road to PMJ; "How You Remind Me", from the "Motown Tribute to Nickelback"; the candlelit rendition of "Only Girl in the World" with Niia, one of the earliest PMJ covers; "We Can't Stop" with Robyn Adele Anderson, the moment that PMJ exploded into viral sensation-hood; favorites like "Sweet Child O' Mine" with Miche Braden, "Habits" with haley Reinhart, and "My Heart Will Go On" with Mykal Kilgore; our favorite sad clown, Puddles Pity Party, makes an appearance on "Royals", while double-threat Kate Davis shows off her singing and bass-playing chops on "All About That Bass". Finally, there's Nicole Atkins' stirring tribute to the late, great David Bowie on "Heroes".

Whether you want to set the mood for storytime or the book has you running to listen back to some old favorites, this collection is the perfect companion.


  1. Hello My Ragtime '80s (feat. Scott Bradlee)
  2. How You Remind Me (feat. Drue Davis)
  3. Only Girl in the World (feat. Niia)
  4. We Can't Stop (feat. Robyn Adele Anderson & The Tee Tones)
  5. Sweet Child O' Mine (feat. Miche Braden)
  6. Royals (feat. Puddles Pity Party)
  7. All About That Bass (feat. Kate Davis)
  8. Creep (feat. Haley Reinhart) 
  9. My Heart Will Go On (feat. Mykal Kilgore)
  10. Heroes (feat. Nicole Atkins)

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