Red Rocks Poster

PMJ has played some truly amazing places during their travels around the world, but few venues anywhere can rival the rich history or scenic beauty of Red Rocks. The open-air amphitheatre west of Denver, Colorado sits against an enormous, stunningly gorgeous rock formation - it's no surprise that U2, who know a thing or two about showmanship, shot their first concert film at Red Rocks. It's also been a favorite venue for the Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band and countless others, and everyone from John Denver to Steve Martin to Neil Young has recorded there.

Postmodern Jukebox's performance at Red Rocks on October 4, 2017, was the band's biggest show ever, making it a special night for more than just the scenery. This striking poster commemorates that evening with an appropriately beautiful image of the iconic Red Rock, and PMJ is making a limited number available for anyone who wants to share in the memory of an unforgettable concert and own a piece of PMJ history suitable for framing. Act quickly to snag one of these limited edition prints!